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Monday 17 June 2013

+15404636774, Rest Stop on Interstate 40, Lexington, Virginia, United States

This also doesn't accept incoming calls. But it's cool too. Just a simple Payphone in the back of a gas station. Probably hasn't been used in months. Thanks again to Newman for this.

Beaten but still working. Richmond Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

This one is pretty messed up. It stands on a wall in the bad part of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Vandalized, and without a number. However, it works perfectly fine. It's pretty cool. Thanks to Newman for this.

Sunday 16 June 2013

+19317077868, Crossville, Cumberland County, Tennessee, United States.

Unfortunately, it does not accept incoming calls. But at least it's existence is documented here on the net. Big thanks to our new contributor Newman. Hope to see more from you in time. If possible please let us know at least a street location for any payphone contributions.