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Tuesday 31 August 2010

+442076330183, Payphones, Waterloo Railway Station, Opposite Entrance Platform 1, London, SE1 8SE, UK

Bound to get an answer here. There is nearly always a queue for the cash machines and there is often people standing around here just as the two people at the exit are doing. Also people are very aware just as you can see in the shot, the man looking right at my camera (he thinks I'm filming his PIN). So I'm sure the payphone ringing will get their attention. It's worth mentioning that this floorspace was featured in the film Bourne Ultimatum, I'll leave you to find the scene (it's was early on in the film).

Vibrant Art Designs Applied to Unused US Payphones - For Sale

We are a operator service company located here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  One of departments of business is payphones.  With the rapid decline of payphones (because of cell phones), we have found a new way to sell our old payphones and that is to have them refurbished and painted in different designs to sell them on the internet and the Alumni of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, UNLV.  We give a portion of each telephone we sell, (the UNLV ones) back to the alumni association to help them out.

Here are three pictures. Three different designs. We have found that the red white and blue sells very good here in the states and abroad in England.

If you can also put on your website, that we are looking for agents in the UK that have payphone contracts, we will provide the collect, credit card and operator services for all calls coming to the United States from the UK.

This is a great way to carry on the interest in payphones if you need any more info please feel free to contact:
Ed Crispell, Custom Teleconnect, Inc., 6242 West Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas, NV  89146, +17023683324, +17929225213.

Sunday 29 August 2010

Yankee Pier, Governor's Island, New York Harbour, USA

Need to make a call on Governor's Island in NY Harbour?

+918025913539, Street Payphone, Cavalry Road, Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

One of my favourite from our Kaveri in India.

Saturday 28 August 2010

Friday 27 August 2010

+918041134904, Street Payphone on Bazaar Street, Halasuru, Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

Rainy day, slushy roads, wet magazines for sale..

The thing parked in front of it is an Auto-Rickshaw (an Indian version of the TukTuk!!) After local buses, Rickshaws are the most popular mode of transport for Bangalore's 'common man'. Fare: Rs 17 for the first 2 km, and Rs 8 for every additional km. (70 rupees
make a pound!).

Great contribution by Kaveri in India. Thanks.

+918322276064, Phone Booth, Candolim Market, Goa, India

This phone booth in the bustling Candolim market in Goa, is operated by Miranda Stores, a convenience store. The young man who owns the store was suspicious when we (my friends Sam, Tan and I) asked him for the payphone's number. I explained this website's concept, and also tried saying it's just a harmless project. Then some drunk bikers walked into his shop to buy beer. So in that context, I said: "Look, we're such nice people (meaning, compared to those drunk guys!! So you should help us." His response to that was: "But I'm not a nice guy!" Eventually, we found other ways to get hold of the phone number! :)

Contributed by Kaveri in India.

+918322279853, Payphone Near Cavala, North Goa, India

+918322279853, Payphone Near Cavala, North Goa, India

A cute Goan family owns this phone booth. They sell a whole range of things including shaving blades, coconut hair oil, sponge, soft-drinks, bakery bread… and of course, STD (Phone Calls, Silly!). It’s walking distanced from Cavala, which is THEEEE place to stay if you go to Goa. We even rented our scooters from this store!

Great contribution from Kaveri in India.

+918322276346, Phone Booth, Candolim, Goa, India

A very kind looking Goan gentleman with a cute mutt, sits inside the door you see in one of these pictures, and browses the internet. He also has rooms to let. And I think there's a sign that says he’s a lawyer!

Thanks to Kaveri from India for this.

Thursday 26 August 2010

The Phone Booth is Coming Back! Thanks to Google Talk/Voice

Here is a great news piece:

In brief, Google will be positioning British style red phone booths in prominent places like airports and university places. Calls from the payphones will be made via VOIP. And furthermore calls made to the US and Canada will be free.

I am hoping the payphones will be given a telephone number but this looks doubtful.

Good to see a resurgence. Please share this post.

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Police Sheltering by an Bengaluru (India) Phone Booth.

Great snap this by Kaveri. A phone booth outside CSI hospital doubles up as cover for traffic officers on beat. One hides behind a steamed corn (dodda) cart, to pounce on his prey: bikers riding without helmets; while another negotiates the fine to be paid with an offender in front of the payphone booth.

+918041674608, Street Payphone, New Bel Road, North Bengaluru, India

Thanks to our Kaveri in India of this local man on the popular Indian payphone. His dress sense is typical indian!

+442076291819, Phone Box, Hanover Square, London, W1S

It was -2C the night before I took this picture (earlier this Year) and as you can see the homeless person who makes this telephone  box their home has used cardboard boxes to pad out the cold. Given the person a nice call and wish them well.

Saturday 21 August 2010

Avoca Farms sage extraction plant in Merry Hill, North Carolina, 27983, USA

Thanks @petebelltv for this strange looking Explosion proof phone booth!

Friday 20 August 2010

+918041154967, Payphone, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, on a Street Called Anna Reddy

Both those are from the same shop, it's a photo copying shop with an attached std - isd phone booth facility. The number is for the shop is and that boy is the caretaker.
Again thanks to Sameer Sait for sending us these great pictures straight via my BlackBerry pin:20f92265.

+918025918692, Anna Reddy, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, India

Here we have another payphone outside a tailors shop again. Big thanks to Sameer Sait for this one. Keep them coming.

+918105224550, Near Sai Baba Temple, Ulsoor, Bangaluru

It's attached to the wall of a photocopy shop (loosely and commonly, such a shop that makes copied is referred to as a Xerox shop in India (Xerox is a brand name). Very sweet and simple hearted shop owners! "Xeroxing" costs 50p per sheet. A phone call costs 1 rupee. About 70 rupees make a pound! Next door to this are a laundry guy, a locksmith, a party shop, and a chocolate shop.

This great payphone from India was contributed by Kaveri Singji who's local to the area. She runs a great Business for personal shopping in the city called Shopping Angels.

+918032905795, Hutchins Road, Bangaluru, India

A typical Indian nun walks past this camouflaged yellow phone on a yellow door. On the corner of 3 cross Hutchins road. This is a quaint, old fashioned part of Bangalore, where a lot of the Anglo Indian community lives. This is where I grew up!

This great payphone from India was contributed by Kaveri Singji who's local to the area. She runs a great Business for personal shopping in the city called Shopping Angels.

+918041143258 (Yellow Phone) & +919916074905 (Red Phone), 7th Main Rd, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Both the yellow and red phones are in Indiranagar, 7th main, Bangalore. The red is in front of a tailor shop and the yellow is in front of a bakery.

These pictures were kindly contributed by Sameer Sait from twitter @samsait2210

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Thursday 19 August 2010

Local Gentleman on Indian Payphone

The person in the shot, named Anil Kumar Chodha (a great local restauranter) is a relative of a regular contributor to the site, Kaveri.

The picture is of a payphone at a Social Club in Bangalore. It shows how widely available payphones are in India and still see a good proportion of use, unlike parts of Europe and North America.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Vintage Police Phone Box in San Francisco

Thanks @Crazypaws for this cool picture. I know it's not a payphone but it is a phone in a box! ;)

Sunday 15 August 2010

+442079305167 & +442078399024, Theatre Ticket Booth, Near Hunters Gate, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LH, UK

Tourist phone boxes these are! You can forever see tourists smiling as they have their picture taken of any of these pairs of payphones that surround the famous Leicester Square. For anyone who don't know, Leicester Square is at the heart of London's night life, surrounded by the capitals greatest theatres, cinemas and night clubs. The phone boxes here are a real magnet to passing tourists,.. the bad news is that they also get extensive use by drunks looking for a toilet.

If you have seen the webcams page here on the site yet, then the cool thing is that you can view these payphones live on a webcam feed 24 hours a day. Offering anyone calling the payphones from this site a great advantage of being able to see the passers by answering. (The camera moves giving different views of the square. If it has moved you can change it back to the two phone boxes by selecting "Leicester Sq. Park" and clicking the "Change view" button.) Have fun.

Tuesday 10 August 2010

Payphone Webcams

Just to let you all know that the site now features a new sub page called webcams. This new page features info and links to payphones that are covered by accessible web cams. The new page can be found via this link or by visiting the site and browsing through. I would like to expand on this page and include more web cams that over see payphones from any part of the world. Please, you know of any please send me the info, visit this link for more info, it's easy.

+442079300993 & +442079305876, Opposite 79, Near Gents Toilets, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LR

This is a cool shot and shows you these famous Leicester Square phone boxes as they normally are. The Buskers name is Ted, I had a little chat with him and we spoke about payphones. He said he does see people using them to make phone calls, but admitted they see more use by people needing the a toilet. They really do smell the worst. Ted, also said although he doesn't call many people he did use payphones whenever he needed to as he doesn't own a mobile. So that's a good news story in a way. As you can see from the pictures, the payphones nearly always have people standing around. Calling these payphones at any time is good, more so during the night and especially during Friday and Saturday nights.

Sunday 8 August 2010

+16503489935, Launderette in the US, San Mateo, California

This is a great addition to the site by Johnny Silveira, check out his Care4Horses website. Very interesting read actually.

The payphone is situated inside this local launderette in the city of San Mateo. I like how one of the signs on the wall states that no Skateboards, scooters or bicycles are allowed in the laundrette!

However, although you'll find that this payphone rings, it'll only do so once and then it'll answer with it's modem.

Big thanks for this contribution.

Friday 6 August 2010

First Indian Payphone

This is a great addition to the site and the first from India. All thanks to @kaverisinhji via Twitter, whom will be on the lookout for more on her Road trip through the Country. She may even get one with a working telephone number. As soon as I get anything I'll have it posted here right away. Thanks again to Kaver Isingji, have a cool trip. The local call rate from a payphone there is; 1st 3 minutes 2cents+added minutes 1c. Not bad!

+441312201994, Great Photography Shot of an Edinburgh Payphone, Scotland, United Kingdom

Really great contribution here by @GarryPlatt via Twitter. Many thanks.

Wednesday 4 August 2010

+442076073447, Payphone on Caledonian Road, Outside 480, London, England, United Kingdom, N7 9RP

Near the North End of Caledonian Road. This can seem like quite a rough area at times. You occasionally get groups of youths hanging around this payphone and up to no good. Give them a bell and hear their take on life.

+442075842086, Phone Box near Harrod's, Brompton Road On Knightsbridge Green, London, England, United Kingdom, SW1X 7QN

Famous location. In the background you can see the one and only Harrod's store. The building has quite a lot of history. But back to the payphone it's not very enchanting, smelt a lot of pee. Don't know how the man in the picture is standing it?!