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Saturday 30 October 2010

Naked Payphone

Image removed due to Google censorship.

Phone Booth in Thailand Flood. Koh Kret, Nonthaburi, Thailand

By @juarawee on Twitter. Phone booth inside OTOP Village, water-level varies, but up to neck level.

Wednesday 27 October 2010

New York's Phone Booth Bachelor Seeks 'Very Promiscuous' Gal

Malik Turner, a 40 year-old Manhattan man who works for UPS, is tired of the bar scene and skeptical of internet dating. So he went ahead and posted some very direct personal ads on pay phone booths. Ladies?

Malik notes in his phone booth flier that he is 40, black, a "sorter/ bagger" for UPS, and a fan of the Rangers, Jets, Mets, and Lakers, as well as cats and tigers, Chinese and Italian food, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Jeep Grand Cherokees, Hummers, movies, nightclubs, Atlantic City, video games, roller skating, ice skating, playing pool, riding the subway, and hip hop, dance, house, freestyle, techno, disco, reggae, and reggaeton music.

So what is Malik looking for?

Malik is looking for a white or Hispanic woman of American, Canadian, Hispanic, British, Australian, Italian, Swedish, and/ or Native American background, from 21-45 years old, with blond or red hair, which MUST BE LONG. She will be big-chested, leggy, curvy, voluptuous (NOT FAT), with a gorgeous face and long fingernails. A non-smoker and social drinker, she is Very Promiscuous, into 3-somes (2 girls one guy) as well as 4-somes (3 girls one guy). Malik's dream woman is an employed non-Gold Digger willing to take turns paying for dates and happy to use condoms during sex, drug and disease free, who favors mini-skirts, Daisy Duke shorts, and spiked heels (5-6 inches high).

Hookers, she-males, transsexuals, transvestites, and dominatrixes: please look for love elsewhere.

Ladies, Malik's phone number is right there on the flier. He is one man unafraid to stand up and tell the truth, for love. We salute you, Malik Turner. May all your dreams come true.

[NYP. And apparently Malik's search has been underway for some time—photo of 2009 ad via Sassy Two Socks]

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Disused Payphone - Germany

This sorry payphone located in a staff side passage inside Munich's Central Station. The design I believe is British and is nothing like the typical payphones seen throughout Germany. The handset is missing and no sign of power either. Nor could I find a telephone number for it.

+498951702997, Telefonzelle (Station Phone Box), Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), Gleis (Platform) 18/19 München (Munich), Germany

Nice addition here. Taken on the platform in the middle of the station. In the background you can see Germany's superb ICE Inter City Express train. The number, despite being listed is not callable.

+498924210077, Telefonzelle (Street Payphone), Hofgarden, Odeonsplatz, München (Munich), Germany

In the summertime this area is heaving! Again I am sorry to say, incoming calls have been bared to this payphone as is with all German payphones on the site to date. Never the less you can see a relatively new style of German payphones. Gone are the payphones enclosures and in with the modern open-air designs.

Notruf (Emergency Phone), U-Bahn (Underground/Subway), München (Munich), Germany

Just a short one to show you all an emergency phone. This are relatively new and positioned throughout the Munich Underground system. The wording, "Notruf" means "emergency" and below that you see, "hier sprechen" this means, "speak here". Not much I know but thought I'd post it anyway.

+498914345997, Telefonzelle (Phone Box), Dachauer Straße 375, München (Munich), Germany

This Telephonezelle (German for Phone box) is in a bit of a sorry state. Not getting much use at all. In fact the typical postbox positioned next to it, gets a lot more use. Again, incoming calls to this one has been bared.

+498915970878, Station Payphone, Gern U-Bhf (underground station), München (Munich), Germany

+498915970878, Station Payphone, Gern U-Bhf (underground station), München (Munich), Germany
Nice shot of a platform side payphone at the very efficient Munich underground. This station is positioned in the Northwest of the city and of course gets very busy during the rush-hours.

The real bad news is that, the majority of payphones run by T-Mobile do not accept incoming calls! If you were to call the listed number you only get a recording from a serious German lady saying, "due to technical reasons the call can't be connected".

Tuesday 19 October 2010

+44207734871, Famous British Phone Box, Outside 9 Heddon St, W1, London

Ziggy Stardust stood here for his 1972 album cover. A famous place for David Bowie fans to visit. Also recently made famous for a sketch in the popular Fonejacker series where he plays a prank on a nearby street cleaner. Maybe you can see the chef on the left? He's from that restaurant and was giving me a funny look as I took this picture (think what a sad loser taking pictures of telephone boxes).

Sunday 17 October 2010

Shop Payphones, Mirandela, North Bogotá, Colombia

Great contribution here from Carl Meek in Colombia for these rare photos of Colombian payphones. The payphones are privately owned but managed by a mainstream payphone operator in Colombia. In one of the pictures you see the shopkeeper while a horse passes by pulling a cart. Horses are still used in this city and all over Colombia by workers on lower incomes, much to the announce of in increasing car users.

Street Phone Booth, Mirandela, North Bogotá, Colombia

Another great contribution by Carl Meek in Colombia. This time you see a typical street payphone. It's positioned off the main road and you can see the typical flats that house the majority of the city's inhabitants.

Tuesday 12 October 2010

Nike Grid - Great use of the Payphone

The humble phone box has been hijacked from 22 October to 6 November for an ingenious new game by Nike.

Nike Grid: Run Your City takes London's old payphone network and transforms it into a massive gameboard ñ spanning 48 of the city's postcodes. Leg it around the gameboard, checking in and checking out of phone boxes, to score points, earn badges and win rewards.
  1. No walking. No getting the bus.Cheat and you'll lose points.
  2. There are Grid phone boxes in every postcode. Find one. Dial 08000141312 and enter your unique gamecode to start a run.
  3. Get to another Grid phone box and dial in toend your run. EC1 to EC1 counts. EC1 to EC2 doesn't count.
  4. Score the most points in a postcodeto own it. But you don't just have to run solo.Play for a team. Play for a uni. Playfor your region. Every time you score points,they score too.
  5. All runs score 10 points. More runs,more points. Earn badges to score extra points.The more ways you run, the morebadges you can earn.
I would like to appeal to anyone taking part, please take a camera and send me a few of the shots of payphones. I will feature them right here on the site.

81% Of The Public Believe The Phone Box Will Not Exist By 2020

A new poll by the UK’s leading mobile phone comparison website of 1,729 Brits has found that 81% of respondents believe that phone boxes will not exist in ten years time, whilst 74% claim to have not used a pay phone in the last five years.

The study by aimed to find out how often phone boxes are used by members of the public today and the general opinions surrounding the Great British icon.

Phone Box Art Gallery

In a disused phonebox on the village green, is (probably) the world's smallest art gallery.

Phone Booth, Lamu, Kenya

A photo of an old phone booth on the streets of Lamu on the South coast of Kenya. Contributed by Trevor Gwin whilst of holiday to the country. Many thanks for this shot.

Monday 11 October 2010

Payphone at the Antarctica

Although B155 primarily serves as the nerve center for McMurdo Station (houses administration, the galley, and our base store) there are some quarters. And in a hallway on the second floor are two card operated Telecom New Zealand payphones.

It never occurred to me that we'd have them as everyone has phones in their rooms. Now that I think about it, though, we do need to cater to the dozen or so Kiwis who work here during the summer. It would also make sense to be able to make a local call to Christchurch for making plans once we get off the ice. All phone calls from private and office phones downlink to the US mainland, putting a hamper on someone making a cheap call to NZ.

Many thanks to Bipolar Dave and Tom Fletcher for this great addition to the site.

Sunday 10 October 2010

+441595696207, Isle of Foula, 20 Miles West of the Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

This one's nearer to Iceland than it is to London. Kiosk installed in 1956 and never painted since hence the delicate shade of pink! Button A/B box working here until 1994. Both the old telephone exchange (The BT's last public electro-mechanical exchange) and the A/B box preserved by myself (Ian)! It is the only A/B box that I have seen which takes the old 5p and 10 p pieces (other UK decimal A/B boxes take 2p and old 10p pieces).

Ordnance Survey Grid Reference HT 969389 Latitude 60 deg 8 minutes North - Longtitude 2 deg 3 minutes East.

Many thanks to Ian Jolly for the great phone box contribution. I has been luckily retrieved from the old payphone site called payphone_net.

View Larger Map

+420329789245, Payphone in Hubalov, Loukov, 294 11, Czech Republic

This payphone is actually from my old website called Payphone_Net. Was contributed by a friend (Eva Kursova) around 2002. I am unsure if it is still a working payphone. But is a good addiction to our site. It's is located on the wall of the local post office.

Friday 8 October 2010

Open Payphone, Bonfin, Roraima, Brazil

Thanks to @kencil. He took this cool shot in the Northern border town with his native Guyana, saying payphones between the two countries are very much the same. Thank you so much for this Great addition to the site. I hope we'll be getting more from Guyana too.

Payphone Being Repaired

A good sight. Payphone is actually being repaired. Unlike the UK, where it a phone box has been damaged BT won't replace it, instead they'll have it removed. I think however in this case, the advertising space makes more income than the phone booth. Still happy about it though.

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Twitter Payphone

This is a great addition. Really shows the developing world of communications and th way people use them on the street side. If I ever do find one of these I will be sure to twit on our very own payphone twitter feed @payphoneworld.

Monday 4 October 2010

Broken Payphone - With the handset Missing

Unusual shot here. It's of a BT payphone that stands as part of a cash machine on Blackfriars Bridge in London, UK. I think this is a quick repair by an engineer that found the handset missing. Next time I'm in the area I'll see if it's been repaired.

2600 International Payphones

Here is an awesome source of payphone pictures from all over the world. Here you see a scan from in inside cover of the front and back of this quarterly publication. The magazine's name is 2600 - The Hacker Quarterly. The magazine features articles covering all sorts of communications technology and I am so happy they are continuing with the publication of international payphone pictures. Keep up the great work. And if anyone reading this would like more info please click here for their site.

Street Payphones, New York, USA

Great addition to the site. Payphones with character. You can see the street artist of the the left of the shot. Many thanks to Carl Meek for this one, keep em coming.

+17187299863, Subway Payphone, New York, USA

Great scene. This payphone positioned track side on the platform of the famous New York subway system. Thanks to Carl Meek for this neat contribution.

Street Payphones, New York, USA

This twin payphone installation is common around New York and the replaced the old phone booths that were widespread. Not sure how superman would change into his costume in the vastly changed scene. Thanks to Carl Meek for the cool picture.

+919964699672, Street Payphone in Kamanhalli, Bangalore, India

"Love the location" here is another payphone perched on top of a sign board alongside a busy street in Kamanhalli, Bangalore. There is a small shop right next to this payphone that serves some yummy tea for Rs. 3 per cup. Thanks to Sameer from India for being such a great payphone contributor to the site.