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Tuesday 25 May 2010

+16604639325 & +16604639231, Rest Area on Eastbound Highway I-70, Missouri (near Concordia MO)

Two payphones near bathrooms, they ring forever.

Google Maps Link

Big thanks to NOMADCOWATBK for this one.

+18165239397, 344 W. 72nd St., Quiktrip Convenience/Gas Station in Kansas City 64114, MO

This payphone rings about 4 times from 6AM-11PM local time, but only once after 11PM!

Big thanks to NOMADCOWATBK for this one. 

+19133813774, HyVee Grocery store, Prairie Village, KS (near Kansas City MO)

Payphone in entrance next to Redbox machine, store is open 24 hours but busiest during the day, rings forever.

Big thanks to NOMADCOWATBK for this one. 

+441789263588, Riverside Car Park, Rear of Leisure Centre, Bridge Way, Stratford Upon Avon, CV37 6YY

This is quite a good one. If you ring at a time when people are waiting to board the regular National Express coach to London, you stand a great chance of an answer. The box rings loud easily heard from the waiting area in front of it.

German phone box in the United Kingdom

Just spotted this on my travels around Stratford upon Avon. You can see that the payphone was removed from the box. But very interesting that the phone box enclosure is of a type that I've seen mainly in main land Europe only. If you got more info, please feel free to reply to this post.

+441789266107, Outside the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) Theatre, Waterside, Stratford on Avon, CV37 6BB

At the time of this picture there were some major works going on. Giving it all an untidy image. However the works are due to finish soon and when it does this area will be very busy. You should see off to the right of the shot is the ticket collection office for the theatre, giving good chances of people around this box.

Emergency Use Only

Nice shot of a working emergency telephone along the banks of the river Avon at Stratford. I think the couple in the background enjoying the sun makes this shot. It only the phone was dial-able.

+441789414667 & +441789296529, Henley Street, JCN Cooks Alley, Stratford On Avon, CV37 6QW

Great shots showing the street performers and groups of people giving these two payphones some unexpected attention behind the silver man. This is the street where William Shakespeare was born. And is very very popular with English speaking tourists from all over the world. Many tourists choose these boxes to take essential photo of a traditional British Phone box.

+442079319436, Opposite Ticket Office, British Rail Customer Services, Victoria Station, London, SW1V 1JU

There used to be tons of payphones spread out around here. In fact one was featured on the old payphone site, it has now been removed. But lets celebrate that some are still left. And now one of their numbers is featured here on the site. The area does still get very busy during rush hours. People take refuge in and around these payphones away from the streams of commuters. The payphone rings nice and loud, so all the best.

Friday 21 May 2010

Phone box Article (Pretty box outside St Paul's in London)

Just on my way home from work. Spotted this little article in the London Evening Standard Newspaper here in London. The text in the image should be readable. Anyways, just a little something. Thanks to the students of Central St Martins for what they did.

pin:20f92265 Another way to contribute Payphones

If you have a BlackBerry, then here's an easy way for you to send me your own pictures of payphones. It's easy when out and out about, you see a payphone, snap it with your BlackBerry and forward it straight from your device to my own BB pin:20f92265 along with the payphone's number and location if possible. I can then have it on the site within moments.

Russian Telephone Booths

Hello, these are the pictures of the Russian and Soviet payphones.
The attached pictures include:
- The booth from the famous cartoon
- The coin-substitute stuff extracted from coin payphones
The pictures are from different Russian websites, but I hope to go
hunting for my own payphone pics and numbers one day soon.

Sent in by Alexander Nevzorov

Thursday 20 May 2010

Russia - Telephone Booth Stories

Below is a message from a visitor of the payphone site from Russia. The attached pictures are of a payphone as well as it's advertisement in Moscow. Alexander has promised to send us in more payphone pictures with telephone numbers in Russia. Many thanks.

Hello, I visited your website and decided to   submit my pictures of phone booths in Russia (made by me with my cellphone, sorry for the quality and no number ).  As you know phone booths are often vandalized, and I have a story about  one witty vandalism. As you walk into a booth you see a message: "look  at the left". You look at the left wall and see "look up". you look at the ceiling and see: "Are you here to make a phone call or to shake your head?"

The other story is about one kind of weird phone construction. The one with a large round button to answer. so, even if you pay, you can't answer the person you call, before you press it though you still can hear him. One day I invited 2 German friend to my place and gave them my home phone number (we didn't have mobiles then). And in the evening somebody called me. I picked up the phone. All I heard was the silence. The same happened again and again. I knew that supposed to be my friends, but why didn't they talk? Then I suddenly thought about that construction and when they had called me again, I said "press the round button to answer". and... They answered. Thank God I knew about that construction. If I didn't they would have called me many times before they changed the booth or asked someone about that kind of stuff.

Alexander Nevzorov

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Get Email Updates from this Site

Well another site development! It now has an email newsletter. Sending out site updates whenever anything new appears on the site. The service is provided by FeedBurner and to join please follow this link and enter your email address. You will need to confirm subscription by clicking a link that you'll receive by email. There's alos a subscribe box off to the right side of the page.

Tuesday 18 May 2010

+441273207200, Kingswest Centre, Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Some parts of Brighton have become very run down. It is a shame as this was one a very popular resort for the British. However it has become know as the Ibiza of the British Isle, with a very dynamic party scene. This number is of the exposed payphone that forms part of the cash machine. It rings loud so any intrigued passer by will answer.

+441273202152, BR Opp Taxi Rank, Queens Road, Brighton, England, BN1 3ZE, United Kingdom

Great one, there'll always be some people hanging around this one. I got the number of the payphone fixed on the wall as it stands out more than the bank further back.

+441273628935, East Side Palace Pier, Madeira Drive, Brighton, England, BN2 1TW, United Kingdom

On the opposite side of the famous Brighton pier as a previous entry. This is one is a traditional British phone box, meaning it is the one foreign tourists like to snap. Give it a try but you'll have a better chance of an answer with the other pier payphone.

This payphone also featured in a Smart Car advertising campaign, site post here.

+441273621824, Grand Junction Road, Brighton, England, United Kingdom

+441273621824, Grand Junction Road, Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Very neat box. Door has been taken off recently some how. But never the less this is the box to call on Friday/Saturday night during the warm Summer. You'll get an answer seeing as this spot is a primary meeting place for tourists and revellers. Hope you like the panoramic shot taken with my new HX5 camera.

Sunday 16 May 2010

+442078339652, York Way, Kings Cross, London

Well well, look what happened to my local payphone. Not really surprised, as this is the local hangout for the local youth over the weekend. The phone still works and you should well get answer in the afternoons, especially during the summer days.

Just updating this entry. I have bought myself a great new camera (Sony's HX5), with a cool panoramic function. Here's some shots I took of this my local payphone. It has since been repaired since the pictures were taken (above).

Elveden Forest, Norfolk, England, UK

Vandalised in the middle of this forest popular with stayvacators of the United Kingdom. Wonder when it was last used for a phone call.

Elveden Forest makes up a small area of Thetford Forest near the town of Brandon, Suffolk, England. It is east of the B1106 and is occupied by a Center Parcs Holiday village. It is named after the nearby village of Elveden.

Contributed by Paul Edwards

Tuesday 11 May 2010

Parisian Post Box

This site does occasionally feature material related to other street furniture. Well here it is a French Parisian Post Box in all it's glory.

Vandalised Parisian Payphone

Interesting for some. The insides of this Parisian payphone in the Gare du Nord station of Paris.

+33148789590 & +33142829963, Euro Star Waiting Lounge, Gare du Nord, Paris, France

+33148789590 & +33142829963, Euro Star Waiting Lounge, Gare du Nord, Paris, France

This ones are great. It's just next to a waiting line for the toilets and right next to the seated waiting area. You will get an answer as people here are bored out of their minds waiting for their train. Trains leave almost every hour and the closer you get to that train leaving the more people you'll have in this area. Have fun.

+33148748134, Gare du Nord, Paris, France

This is probably the best payphone to call in Paris (just to the right of the man with his back to us). Almost guaranteed an answer from tourist or Parisian. Rings nice and loud with a good and proper Ring.. Ring..

+33142524444, Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, Rue Azaïs, Paris, France

Towards to front of the famous Parisian Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. The number is for the box in the middle of the shot. Again it's a heavy tourist area, so doubt you'll get a French answer.

+33155790307, Moulin Rouge, Boulevard de Clichy, Paris, France

Vandalised but still ringing nice and loud. It's open air so will get a lot of attenuation. It;s the closest payphone to the famous Mouling Rouge so you might get a nice lady with longs legs answering, or a dirty old man. Best of luck for whichever you wish.

+33142940368, Rue de Rome, Paris, France

Great addition to our payphone list. This is a payphone that should get a genuine Parisian answer. It also shows how the payphones here are more than often integrated into bus shelters. It is open, so people waiting for the bus will hear it ring. You'll have to speak French as the Parisians are very proud of their French language, refusing to communicate in any other language even if the can.

+33156683489, Arch de Triumph, Avenue de Friedland, Paris, France

Very busy tourist hotspot. Nearest one to the Arch de Triumph. Rings
loud too.