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Thursday 24 December 2015

La Cabina (1971) free Download or Stream

Here's something a little special for you payphone enthusiasts this Christmas. A film much like Phone Booth puts the humble payphone as the emphasis of the film. I would be very interested to hear what your interpretation of the film was? Let us know in the comments field below. If you have already you can also see another film that was posted about here a short while ago called Phone Booth. Enjoy it and have a Merry Christmas.

La cabina ("The Telephone Box") is a 1972 television film directed by Spanish director Antonio Mercero, and written by him and José Luis Garci. The film starred José Luis López Vázquez. It first aired on 13 December 1972 on Televisión Española. The film won the 1973 International Emmy Award for Fiction.

In the 35-minute film, a man becomes trapped in a telephone booth, while passers-by seem unable to help him.

Please send in your payphone numbers and pictures. Visit this link for more info, it's easy.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

+441970880218, Cwm Rheido, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3NF, Wales, United Kingdom

+441970880218, Cwm Rheido, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3NF, Wales, United Kingdom

It has just been announced (2008) that up to 90 TCB's in Ceredigion (amongst many more across the whole of Wales) are to be closed. 21 will be closed without consultation as they are within 400 metres of another box. More controversially the remainder are in rural areas, including the one shown here in Cwm Rheidol, and are to be closed "subject to consultation" (probably just a rubber stamp exercise). Ironically, many of the rural boxes are in areas where there is no mobile signal. BT claim that the cost of running each box is £1000 but as many of the rural ones do not accept cash, maintenance costs are minimal. They say that they have not specifically considered the issue of mobile blackspots but nevertheless are trying to balance their "social responsibility" with commercial demands.

2015 Update
The kiosk escaped closure and even has a cash box again.

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+442073744897, +442075882139 and +442076061239, Moorgate Underground Station, Moorgate, London, EC2M 6TX, United Kingdom

+442073744897, +442075882139 and +442076061239, Moorgate Underground Station, Moorgate, London, EC2M 6TX, United Kingdom

A small series of payphones at the very busy Moorgate Underground Station. The first two here (+442073744897 and +442075882139) are at street level and have a decent ring to them both. There's two shops. One to the left (The Fresh Collection +442076284201) and another coffee shop opposite (Nero Express +442072566916) that has a bar at its window facing the payphones.

The other lone payphone (+442076061239) is situation underground by a newsagent (News Update +442072569056) and before the ticket gates. This one has a more shallow ring but as pictured you get some tourists looking at the information boards nearby.

A little interesting observation here is that all three area dial codes are different despite them being in the exact same postcode.