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  • Why Payphones?
Payphones are the most interesting pieces of communications technology that stand in our street and exist in almost every inhabited part of our planet. They are like warp holes to others parts of the world, other cultures and languages. Everyone has used them at one time or another. Although they aren't used as much as they were we still need them from time to time. Humans have a link with these boxes of communications and it's in our psyche to respond or at least show an interest in a ringing phone. We may have all past a ringing payphone in our lives, did we answer or did we walk past? I would like more random calls throughout the world to have been instigated by this site and the payphones within. I would like to encourage you to make a call to a phone box and should someone answer, for you to strike up a conversation with them. You will probably get a few rude answers but you may as well have spoken to someone you would never have normally done so in the course of your life. Just find out their name, where they are from, and what they might be doing. Listen out for the sounds of the payphones locations, be it in a station, an airport, or market, shop floor, hotel or train station. You can of course just prank them with good humour.
  • How can I help?
This site needs the help of it's visitors and I would very much like to ask everyone interested to perhaps take the time to contribute a picture of a payphone along with it's number from anywhere in the world. Be it from your local neighbourhood or from your travels. Just as long as the phone is for public use and has a dialable number. Nearly all mobiles can take pictures and also boast email functionality. So, feel free send them as an attachment straight to my email address here remember please if possible to include a working telephone number.
  • How do I obtain the payphone's number?
In most cases, the telephone number should be listed in the payphones enclosure normally around the actual information card. Sometimes it is listed on the payphone it's self, near the information screen or sometimes beneath the handset hanger. If it is not listed anywhere, calling your own mobile from the payphone should reveal the payphones number on your mobile's caller display. This is what I normally do in this case. If you are in the US call this +18004444444 from the actual payphone to have its number read back to you.
  • What's your connection with payphones?
I wouldn't say I'm some kind of nerd. Just take a more than a passing interest in these things that most people vandalise or just take for granted. But sometimes this question is not easily answered. so I've tried to explain my interest here.
  • How do I call a payphone?
Well in most cases the payphones here are accompanied with their working number. So it's as simple as calling any-other telephone as you would normally. Most users have told me they use skype to call. Answering the next question shows you how easy it is to call a payphone this way.
  • How do I use a payphone?
A question I'm getting a lot these days. Not sure if it's people being sarcastic with me (they probably are), but it's still a valid question.
  1. Lift handset
  2. Deposit coins
  3. Dial number
  4. Wait for answer
  5. Engage in conversation
  6. Hang up handset
  7. Collect any unused coins
  8. Be on your way
I would say that is pretty easy. I could get more in-depth but then that advice would become country specific and too long for this short FAQ. But if you need more help send me an email.
  • Do I need to edit the number?
No, whenever a number is listed here, it'll be in international format starting with a "+" (meaning 00) then the two or three-digit country code followed by the payphones unique number. So for example, +442072531111 would be 00442072531111. If you're viewing this site with a skype browser plugin the telephone numbers will appear as skype links. Or when viewed via a smartphone you can just click the actual telephone number and the number will dial automatically. Easy.
  • I can't connect, why?
This can and does happen. Most common reason is that the payphone has been removed. If the payphone is still in place and has not been disconnected, the exact reason I am not sure of. I am aware that the problem is worse when using Skype and I can only guess it has something to do with how Skype routes their calls. Perhaps they are unable to route the calls to the correct exchange. If this is the case that redialling the number should at some point get you through. If the issue is persistent please leave a comment under the payphone listed here. 
  • How long has the site been running?
Well, there's been a site in many different forms since about 2001. In its present form, since early 2010. I do not plan on changing the format or location on this site for the foreseeable future.
  • Are you open to affiliations?
Yes, I think interlinking sites of similar interests are great and the best way to attract visitors to different and unusual sites. You may have already seen that off to the right the site already has a rich link list and I would be most grateful to anyone linking back to this site. If a site is of particular interest I would be more than happy to post an article about it here.
  • Can I use your site's content?
In short; you have to contact me first. This is because some pictures aren't the property of the site and have been contributed by others. Meaning I would have to ask them on your behalf first. However, my own material you can use on your own site as long as you place a clear link back here with the material used.
  • I want you to remove a listing!
I do my best always to verify payphone numbers contributed. But sometimes can't always get an answer when I call. It has been known that a wrong number can be listed or mistyped. If it turns out to be a none public telephone just let me know and I'll have the listing removed. If for any other reason you want one removed or a payphone ringing has been annoying you, then do still contact me. But a payphone is public and anyone can call it if they so wish, so you might just have to get used to it (or try answering it).  
  • How can I contact you?
I am always reachable through my normal address here. You can also reach me on my BlackBerry: pin:20f92265. To contact via Skype please click here. If you need any help or have any questions regarding the site please fire over a message. To contribute your own payphone pictures please just take a look at this page first.