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Sunday, 21 February 2010

+441597860261, Argoed Cottages, Argoed Mill, Llandrindod Wells, Powys, UK

On the main A470 route that runs down through the middle of Wales. We drove for ages being reaching this phone box. Here it stands sweet as daisy in God's country among some cottages and next to the communities bus stop. Rings nice and loud. You'll also notice from the attached notice board that it's written in both English and Welsh.

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  1. Hi Stuart

    Just a note to say that you have an error which you may not be aware of ?

    Your text reads "You'll also notice from the attached notice board that it's written in both English and Welsh (Gaelic)."

    Welsh and Gaelic are not the same language! Versions of Gaelic are spoken in Ireland, the Isle of Man and Scotland but not in Wales .

    Welsh is one of the six main branches of the Celtic languages of which there are two groups - The older group consists of Welsh, Cornish and Bretton, whilst the later group are the Gaelic languages. Welsh is also the only one of the languages spoken by any great number - some 20% of the population speak it as their first language. It also has official equal status in Wales which Gaelic in Scotland and Cornish don't have. If you are arrested you can insist on being interviewed in Welsh and tried in Welsh! All public bodies work in both languages - debates in the Welsh Assembly Government in Cardiff take place with some people speaking in Welsh whilst others use English (with simultaneous translation). Things are shortly to change with suppliers of public services to work bilingually or

    Many public utilities already do so - my various utility bills are bilingual and BT already operates in both languages - - and or you can call 118404 which works in Welsh. Even our telephone directories are in Welsh !

  2. Sorry about that, I have not corrected it. Big thanks for the information, I've learnt something today that I really should have known.


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