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Tuesday 16 February 2010

+442072370617 UK, England, London, Jamaica Road, Bermondsey Station, Jubilee Line, Platform 1, SE16

OK, this is it. I have searched through hard for a payphone that is platform side on the London underground network. Although it is not a deep level station, it is proper underground. This platform is Westbound so you'll get commuters heading for London Bridge and the West End. Rings load and you always get someone sitting on the bench beside the box. Better enjoy this as it is pretty much the only one left that is actually underground, last Year Transport for London when about removing all clutter such as payphones (if you want to call a payphone "clutter" that is) and vending machines, from within the underground network. They've done it because the number of people user the underground has and still is increasing and they need all the space they can get.