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Sunday 14 March 2010

+441465871200, Old Dailly, South Ayrshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

Cobwebs on BT payphone, for this a big thanks to MacMan475
This is one of the many rural payphones which have been converted to the credit/debit card system that charges extortionate rates. This conversion was carried out in recent years as a way to reduce the running cost of BT telephone boxes, and is probably actually cheaper than removing them. Sadly in the age of mobile phones, most rural telephone boxes are no longer used on a regular basis and many look just like this one (which is local to me). It stands disused with some of the glass panels broken or missing, and the "credit card" telephone inside is covered in cobwebs. Who knows how much longer these will be around but we should enjoy them while they last. Thankfully this particular phone box was re-painted in recent years after a long spell of looking very pink and faded.

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