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Tuesday 9 March 2010

Don't Hang Up - Coming Back!

Probably the radio show that caught what this site is all about. Alan Dein with Mark Burman as producer are behind the program, it keeps you hooked for the short time it is on. It's been a while since the last program, but the good news is that the two are feeling in the mood again to cold call some payphones and strike up a conversation if possible with whoever answers.

In an email from him today he says;
"Both myself and producer Mark Burman are feeling keen to set out on another ringing payphones adventure."
Here are the shows available for you to listen two. The bandwidth is coming from a cool site called speechification. I hope they don't mind and I would recommend you visit their link here.
I had once been called by Alan for a short interview, but for whatever reason was included in the final show. However the creator of the Payphone Project was, in which he gives a good justification for the passion of payphones.