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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

+33148748134, Gare du Nord, Paris, France

This is probably the best payphone to call in Paris (just to the right of the man with his back to us). Almost guaranteed an answer from tourist or Parisian. Rings nice and loud with a good and proper Ring.. Ring..


  1. Couldn't call this on Skype

  2. The number does ring, I called it to check with my mobile just now. The french phones (and most of europe) give a call tone that sounds like a long beep in bursts of about a second. It might sound like a engaged tone to others. Or it might just be a problem with sykpe. Hope you do get through.

  3. Could call on any the other France payphones of skype, I get some message saying it can't be completed as dialed, I'm in the US and have enough skype credits

  4. Hmm.. do you get charged for that? I've been trying it since and out of 10 dials I got that message once. Maybe it's some kind of enganged tone or something. Let us know.


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