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Thursday 20 May 2010

Russia - Telephone Booth Stories

Below is a message from a visitor of the payphone site from Russia. The attached pictures are of a payphone as well as it's advertisement in Moscow. Alexander has promised to send us in more payphone pictures with telephone numbers in Russia. Many thanks.

Hello, I visited your website and decided to   submit my pictures of phone booths in Russia (made by me with my cellphone, sorry for the quality and no number ).  As you know phone booths are often vandalized, and I have a story about  one witty vandalism. As you walk into a booth you see a message: "look  at the left". You look at the left wall and see "look up". you look at the ceiling and see: "Are you here to make a phone call or to shake your head?"

The other story is about one kind of weird phone construction. The one with a large round button to answer. so, even if you pay, you can't answer the person you call, before you press it though you still can hear him. One day I invited 2 German friend to my place and gave them my home phone number (we didn't have mobiles then). And in the evening somebody called me. I picked up the phone. All I heard was the silence. The same happened again and again. I knew that supposed to be my friends, but why didn't they talk? Then I suddenly thought about that construction and when they had called me again, I said "press the round button to answer". and... They answered. Thank God I knew about that construction. If I didn't they would have called me many times before they changed the booth or asked someone about that kind of stuff.

Alexander Nevzorov