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Thursday 10 June 2010

Payphone Handset - Vandalised

On my way to work today I am starting to notice that the same phone box is being vandalised! And this vandalisation seems to be targeted at the payphones handset! The handset was only replaced a few days ago. And thinking back I remember this phone box has nearly always hand a demolished handset.

Walking on further down my normal route to work only a few metres on from the before mentioned phone box, I take the time to crossover the road to see another phone box that I normally ignore. Just to see if it's handset is intact?! And guess what, exactly the same thing has happened to this one's handset. Wires spraying all over the place.

It is an interesting subject this, the vandalising of payphones. They only stand to offer the public a service, a means of communication. Why are they subject to so much hate? It is a subject that I will put more thought to and something you will see more posts here on about.