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Thursday 8 July 2010

Unusually Tall Phone Box Outside the Yoo Dev. at the Old Maida Vale Telephone Exchange

This unusual phone box outside the old Telephone Exchange building in Maida Vale (17 Hall Road, London, NW8 9RF). Unicorn Kiosk Restoration welded two K6 boxes together to make a giant example 12ft high. This striking landmark is dressed with a unique jubilee interior fitted on Italian marble and black velvet drapes! These fittings reflect those inside the converted building created by French designer Philippe Starck who in April 1999, joined forces with John Hitchcox (co-founded the Manhattan Loft Corporation (MLC). The embarked on create an extraordinary modern living space.

Phone box enthusiasts should love this find. It really is strange and very unique that this box is in existence. The box is locked, so couldn't get in and check if anything is working or not. But took plenty of pictures some at very high resolution. I did however get hounded by the building's security guard who moaned at me through the buildings intercom as he watched me on the security camera. I have to say that was a bit stupid of the developers and residents. Why did you have this box commissioned and placed there if people can't admire it?! Strange. Anyways, took what shots I could and cleared off. Hopefully, someday people can actually enter the box and have it working. Would have loved to have the number for it.

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