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Sunday 15 August 2010

+442079305167 & +442078399024, Theatre Ticket Booth, Near Hunters Gate, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7LH, UK

Tourist phone boxes these are! You can forever see tourists smiling as they have their picture taken of any of these pairs of payphones that surround the famous Leicester Square. For anyone who don't know, Leicester Square is at the heart of London's night life, surrounded by the capitals greatest theatres, cinemas and night clubs. The phone boxes here are a real magnet to passing tourists,.. the bad news is that they also get extensive use by drunks looking for a toilet.

If you have seen the webcams page here on the site yet, then the cool thing is that you can view these payphones live on a webcam feed 24 hours a day. Offering anyone calling the payphones from this site a great advantage of being able to see the passers by answering. (The camera moves giving different views of the square. If it has moved you can change it back to the two phone boxes by selecting "Leicester Sq. Park" and clicking the "Change view" button.) Have fun.