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Friday, 27 August 2010

+918322279853, Payphone Near Cavala, North Goa, India

+918322279853, Payphone Near Cavala, North Goa, India

A cute Goan family owns this phone booth. They sell a whole range of things including shaving blades, coconut hair oil, sponge, soft-drinks, bakery bread… and of course, STD (Phone Calls, Silly!). It’s walking distanced from Cavala, which is THEEEE place to stay if you go to Goa. We even rented our scooters from this store!

Great contribution from Kaveri in India.

1 comment:

  1. I called these people,.. I spoke to a girl at first who confirmed it is indeed a public payphone. I was then handed to a very nice gentleman. He told me that he had received many phone calls from English speakers. They sounded very nice, I would like to ask anyone calling this number to be courtious as they are good people.


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