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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Vibrant Art Designs Applied to Unused US Payphones - For Sale

We are a operator service company located here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  One of departments of business is payphones.  With the rapid decline of payphones (because of cell phones), we have found a new way to sell our old payphones and that is to have them refurbished and painted in different designs to sell them on the internet and the Alumni of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, UNLV.  We give a portion of each telephone we sell, (the UNLV ones) back to the alumni association to help them out.

Here are three pictures. Three different designs. We have found that the red white and blue sells very good here in the states and abroad in England.

If you can also put on your website, that we are looking for agents in the UK that have payphone contracts, we will provide the collect, credit card and operator services for all calls coming to the United States from the UK.

This is a great way to carry on the interest in payphones if you need any more info please feel free to contact:
Ed Crispell, Custom Teleconnect, Inc., 6242 West Desert Inn Road, Las Vegas, NV  89146, +17023683324, +17929225213.