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Sunday 10 October 2010

+441595696207, Isle of Foula, 20 Miles West of the Shetland Islands, United Kingdom

This one's nearer to Iceland than it is to London. Kiosk installed in 1956 and never painted since hence the delicate shade of pink! Button A/B box working here until 1994. Both the old telephone exchange (The BT's last public electro-mechanical exchange) and the A/B box preserved by myself (Ian)! It is the only A/B box that I have seen which takes the old 5p and 10 p pieces (other UK decimal A/B boxes take 2p and old 10p pieces).

Ordnance Survey Grid Reference HT 969389 Latitude 60 deg 8 minutes North - Longtitude 2 deg 3 minutes East.

Many thanks to Ian Jolly for the great phone box contribution. I has been luckily retrieved from the old payphone site called payphone_net.

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