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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Nike Grid - Great use of the Payphone

The humble phone box has been hijacked from 22 October to 6 November for an ingenious new game by Nike.

Nike Grid: Run Your City takes London's old payphone network and transforms it into a massive gameboard ñ spanning 48 of the city's postcodes. Leg it around the gameboard, checking in and checking out of phone boxes, to score points, earn badges and win rewards.
  1. No walking. No getting the bus.Cheat and you'll lose points.
  2. There are Grid phone boxes in every postcode. Find one. Dial 08000141312 and enter your unique gamecode to start a run.
  3. Get to another Grid phone box and dial in toend your run. EC1 to EC1 counts. EC1 to EC2 doesn't count.
  4. Score the most points in a postcodeto own it. But you don't just have to run solo.Play for a team. Play for a uni. Playfor your region. Every time you score points,they score too.
  5. All runs score 10 points. More runs,more points. Earn badges to score extra points.The more ways you run, the morebadges you can earn.
I would like to appeal to anyone taking part, please take a camera and send me a few of the shots of payphones. I will feature them right here on the site.