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Sunday, 29 May 2011

+442078350422, Launderette, Hogarth Road Earls Court. London, SW5

+442078350422, Launderette, Hogarth Road Earls Court. London, SW5
Oh, this has to be my favourite payphone I've ever had the pleasure to find. It featured on my old payphone net site. Anyone who remembers, the shot was taken from the inside out. Difference now is that this laundrette has changed hands and is a lot more cluttered inside. There is now a person sat at the window taking on repairs to clothes and also does service washes. I just love how this payphone is located just behind her and is most certainly going to get answered. If you do call this box please be polite as we don't want them to have it removed due to nuisance calls. Also, when I used to visit this wash, the box was used by local families to receive calls from relevant family member (wondering how much longer mums are going to be and so on..). One other thing, the model of the payphone has been updated to a newer type.

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