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Thursday 4 May 2017

+617409350x2 and +617409351x2, 37 Raleigh St (Outside the Junction Hotel), Dimbulah QLD 4872, Australia

Massive thanks to Iain Macaulay and apologies for the delay in this. This great remote contribution has been deep in my email inbox since 2015!

The listing here shows an x in the numbers. I have called every number changing the x into 0 to 9. I have even left out the x and with every attempt for +617409350, I get through to a ladies answering machine. With +617409351 I just get ringing.

The Junction Hotel has a number of +61740935206. So it implies that the payphone numbers are missing two digits from the end. Have been trying to contact the hotel to get the numbers. Might be futile as I would take a guess that payphones like many countries do not accept incoming calls.

The payphone is one of our remotest here. But this being the case there the payphone still sees some mad nightlife (see google photo from outside the Junction Hotel).

Thanks again Iain for this.