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Friday 18 August 2017

+12122449466, Death Wish 3 Payphone, New York City, United States

Mountain Mike send this on in.

This is a screen shot of a payphone from the movie Death Wish 3, Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson) uses it early on.

He's shared this fairly familiar to me account of his past experience with payphones. "In 1982 at the age of 13, I went around on my bicycle in Santa Barbara, California with an address book and a pencil and I collected numbers to payphones for purposes of crank calling them. I had previously crank called homes until my friend's dad brought to my attention that elderly people could injure themselves while trying to get to the phone. So, I strated to crank call payphones because whoever answers knows that it isn't for him, he's only answering out of idle curiosity. In I uploaded it as a textfile to a BBS in Santa Barbara and the sysop told me that it was the most downloaded file on his BBS. The shoe was on the other foot when I was walking out of a 7-11 store and a payphone rang so I answered, and the caller screamed then hung up when I answered."

In keeping with the contribution here he shared this IMDb list of films featured payphones therein.,desc&mode=detail&page=1

There's also this superb article on the demise of payphones San Diego

Big thanks to Mountain Mike ( for this.