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Friday 18 August 2017

Listen to this Phone Losers of America

Good day fellow payphone enthusiasts. I like many others who have an interest in payphones and ultimately telephony had at some point in our youth made the odd prank calls here and there. I still like to call payphones and other numbers to talk and engage the other side somewhat. I never make is malicious but do try to manufacture interesting reactions.

Brad (Roy or any of the other alias he goes by) seems wedged firmly in the sinister prank call genre. He garners the very best and entertaining reactions from his called subjects. He has a huge cult following. Listeners who contribute customer lists, name and number information they find and apartment complex and neighbourhood lists. Brad spoofs numbers so to appear to be calling from pizza restaurants, county/city halls, to their neighbours. It all makes for some real naughty telephone calls.

There's a massive number of episodes available going back years. He's releasing free episodes weekly (sometimes more) and it's all just a barrel of pure laughs. This is the RSS and iTunes feed you need to subscribe to He's also started a patroen feed for backers here There for a little as $1 a Month, you get access to his secret Hobosodes ($1 gets you every tenth episode). You can pledge more for more extra content. For my readers here I will grant you access to my $1 RSS feed (for as long as I make it available) contact me if it's not working from this page. But otherwise, I really want you to back him yourself if you like the content. For everyone else, the regular free podcasts are amazingly entertaining themselves.

Below is an embed of his best pranks playlist on YouTube. Enjoy and please leave a comment here if you're a listener.

Please send in your payphone numbers and pictures. Visit this link for more info, it's easy.