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Wednesday 29 August 2018

New Contributor, @naxxfish has a new contributor!

I'm @naxxfish (or simply Fish), and an aficionado and somewhat obsessive documenter of public telephones.

It all started many moons ago, when a group of people in London called Bob's Basement gathered on a semi-regular basis. One of the numerous geeky projects that were undertaken was a project called PayphoneDB - a database of payphones, including telephone numbers and pictures, collected by members of the group.

Sadly, this project evaporated with the group. But I had been diligently collecting the details of many phone boxes around the UK and the world in preparation for its resurrection. Sadly, that resurrection never came - some of the data found its way into OpenStreetMap (where the quality was sufficiently high), but the rest was lost to the ages.

Yet the habit of documenting payphones was formed ...

With no outlet, I opened the enigmatic (perhaps less so now) twitter account, @UKPayphones to post my photographs and details to the public domain.  Which is how I came across this project (or rather, this project came across me!) - and how I now come to be posting yet more phone box details to you, dear reader!

As well as the raw details about phone boxes, I hope to share a bit more detail about the context of the kiosks.  I'm, as an aspiring photographer, I am also working on a photo zine, entitled telephone: a catalogue of obsolescence - more details of which you are sure to hear soon!