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Monday 3 September 2018

+442087460911, InLink Kiosk, White City, London W12

+442087460911, InLink Kiosk, White City, London W12

What do you do when you have a payphone that nobody uses?  Use the telephone line to provide ultrafast broadband via wifi, of course!

BT's InLinkUK programme (the UK implementation of LinkNYC) is doing just that.

Take this (relatively unused) payphone next to White City underground station:

It used to sound something like this

And land a futuristic monolith over that phone!

Whilst they do offer UK landline and mobile phone calls, for free no less, over the Internet, they are not callable in of themselves.  Well, they are, but they just make weird tones at you (give it a go!).  

But what about the Wifi, you may ask, is it any good?  In fact, it's pretty flipping tasty!

Holy crap look at that upload speed! And the ping!

That's almost 10x the UK's average broadband download speed, and 34x the average upload speed!  Wow! Several people could perfectly happily stream 4K video simultaneously with that bandwidth.   Should you and twelve of your friends feel the need to watch Netflix whilst hanging around outside White City Underground station.

Please send in your payphone numbers and pictures. Visit this link for more info, it's easy.