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Tuesday 23 March 2010

+442072533798, +442074908792 and +442072531111 United Kingdom, England, London, Old Street Underground Station Entrance, EC1V 9NR

+442072533798, +442074908792 and +442072531111 United Kingdom, England, London, Old Street Underground Station Entrance, EC1V 9NR
Awesome addition here and a real great photo, one of my favourite. You've got a guy to the left selling all sorts. He can be found most days of the week here and if you'll notice he's got a dog with him. I really like of the trade mobile signs contrast well against what could be seen as the old means of telecommunications (our payphone). I love this picture. In the shot above you can't see in but there's a further two payphones off to the right. There numbers are; +442072533798, +442074908792.

The series of pictures below are from a more recent visit.

Update  - Click images to enlarge

I've been calling this box a long time now. Almost everynight I get an answer. So decided to pop down there and see who the lot were. It turned out to be these dossers. They did make for an interesting conversation. The picture shows how the scene looks now (a Year after the above picture)

You can just see in the background the left most payphone. The one that's number is listed here. On the right is a popular sanwich shop. If I am right the shop owner/worker is called Tony and is friendly with the dossers that beg in this subway.

Well, in this subway system I found another of the dossers I had been speeking to over the previous nights. On this occasion I didn't introduce myself, but did find out from a seperate conversation that the dossers dog's name is Beth. You can use this when calling the payphone, ask how Beth is doing?

Follow this link it is a crazy recording taken by NOMADCOWATBK, winding up the regulars in this subway. I am warning you now. THERE IS A LOT OF SWEARING, only watch it if you have a malicious sense of humour. You can here Marco and his lady, Tony as well as dosser Dave.